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Human Trafficking Conference 2016

November 23, 2015

A high school student-run and created conference dedicated to shedding light on the truths about human trafficking in the U.S.

Last year, high school student activist duo Addee Kim and Annika Anderson from Poly Prep school in Brooklyn attended a student-run human trafficking conference at Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Manhattan. They were shocked by the prevalence and damaging impact of trafficking in the United States, and felt it was imperative to continue the conversation and host another student-run conference in 2016. So over the past year, Addee, Annika, and other Poly students have been organizing the second annual Human Trafficking Conference that will take place February 7, 2016 at Poly Prep Upper School. This time around, the conference will cover both sex and labor trafficking, will feature two keynote speakers, a panel discussion, and a series of topic-specific workshops led by activists in the field. The goals? To raise awareness of trafficking, inspire young people to become activists in their communities, and demonstrate how many are unwittingly participating in the global multi-billion dollar human trafficking industry.

Conference speakers thus far include: Emily Lapchick of UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project, anti-trafficking advocate Lauren Burke of Atlas: DIY; Robin Newman, Michelle Kwon, and Meghan Lazier of Say No More; critically acclaimed author Kim Purcell; and Janai Smith of ECPAT-USA. Price of admission is free and all New York City high school students are eligible to attend. If you’re interested in registering, please click here and help spread the word!

Our AWB grant will help cover the cost of lunch for all attendees (and of course, it will only be ethically sourced food!). To learn more about the conference, please visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Hope to see our fellow New Yorkers there!

Category: Activism, Community, Girls, Women, Youth



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