Grant #98

HIV Prevention Software for India

July 14, 2014

With TeachAIDS, preventing HIV knows no bounds.

Invented at Stanford over 5 years of research and development, TeachAIDS is a nonprofit that develops culturally appropriate software to solve the most persistent problems in HIV prevention education worldwide. Highly interactive, it’s used in regions where HIV education is commonly restricted due to social taboos and has demonstrated significant gains in learning and retention around the world.

Currently, the software’s being scaled to address the HIV problems in India where, despite the large percentage of HIV cases, sex education has been banned across numerous regions. Unlike typical sex ed, TeachAIDS approaches the subject from a biological perspective and incorporates localized euphemisms. As a result, TeachAIDS has been approved by India’s national government and embraced across the states!

Thus far, the Indian government has distributed 25,000 copies of the TeachAIDS software into schools, counselors, hospitals, and on television in English and Telugu. With a little more financial backing, TeachAIDS can build more specialized software tailored just for India; that’s where their AWB grant comes in. Now, more comprehensive education and better instruction will be made accessible to millions of young people across the nation! Better info = better decisions.

To learn more about this innovation which is tackling one of the world’s most pressing illnesses, please visit their website, or Facebook and Twitter pages.

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