Grant #289

Native Women’s Business Summit Childcare Support

April 9, 2018

Native women mean business. (Which includes childcare support!)

There’s nothing more modern in a workplace than accommodating family life. The Native Women’s Business Summit is responding to the real needs of the women who will be attending the April 2018 conference. When asked what could help them most in making it possible for them to get to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM in April, 79% of the attendees said “childcare.”

The Summit brings hundreds of Native American women in business together to maximize their social capital and create networks that will serve their interests. Native business and tribal leaders share their experiences in skill-building workshops and informative sessions on the details of running a business. Accessing capital, planning for taxes, getting a business license, hiring people – the idea is to demystify the details.

This Awesome Without Borders grant is dedicated to meeting the childcare needs of attendees. It’s the most basic need to meet, so the Native American women can get their other needs met. Helping them embrace their power, culture, and spirituality with basic business and entrepreneurship skills will help more Native women grow into positions of leadership in business and community. We think that’s Awesome! Learn more at their website, and follow along with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Team Awesome Without Borders