Grant #268

Project Peaceful Warriors

November 13, 2017

Redirecting angst into something more positive one breath at a time.

With daily doses of trauma and drama, many youngsters (and oldsters) are feeling anxious, distracted, and uneasy. While these are perfectly normal emotions, feeling distressed all of the time is not healthy.

So, how to redirect all that angst into something more positive?

For students in New Orleans, it’s as easy as taking a breath. Or two. Or three. Project Peaceful Warriors provides yoga and mindfulness programming to schools in the Big Easy. With this Awesome Without Borders grant, several teachers will receive training to help them learn how to bring the breathing exercises and yoga postures into their schools.

The rest of us can benefit from the Peaceful Warriors cheapest technique for calming down: take a moment, and take those three deep breaths. Ahhhhh. Isn’t that better?



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Team Awesome Without Borders