Grant #297


June 4, 2018

Bringing cutting-edge cultural conversation in a power-packed hour like a gift-wrapped package to the community

What if someone curated a stimulating evening in which five famous-in-certain-circles people with big ideas gave you their best stuff in 12 minutes?

What if it happened right in your own neighborhood? Sayers&Doers is a cultural talk series featuring authors, academics, adventurers, comics, musicians, journalists, bartenders, chefs, designers – people who are passionate about what they do.

Each speaker knows they’re on a 12-minute clock, and the audience gets a full hour of nonstop content.

Robyn Massey and Mariko Tada are pouring themselves into producing this program, in Harlem, for an evening that is culturally rich and an experience that is priceless.

This Awesome Without Borders grant will help with the purchase of equipment upgrades for the live show. Maybe they’ll start recording these gems so we can all get a taste?

Find out more– here’s their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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Team Awesome Without Borders