Grant #223

Teen FemiList

December 19, 2016

Teen peer-to-peer mentoring that also smashes the patriarchy?
We’re in.

High school: that time in our lives for trying a “new look,” experiencing unrelenting peer pressure, and dealing with the parents (eye roll) who know nothing about, you know, the real you. That’s why you need your people.

Teen FemiList, a listserv for rad, feminist girls and gender non-conforming teens, is an amazing new community with killer squad goals. The new platform offers a space for peer-to-peer mentorship, collaboration, and conversation, all while teens figure out how to survive high school and smash the patriarchy. It’s teen led, but every month there’s a Q&A with an expert to discuss the hot topics raised on the listserv. There is a $10 membership fee, but it goes straight to rockstar organizations fighting for equality. Don’t have $10 to spare? No worries, the Awesome Without Borders grant will provide underwriting so that the Teen FemiList can be inclusive without regard to economic status.

All around, this innovative listserv is amaze-a-licious, and you need to get in on it immediately. And did we mention that it’s founded by one of our AWB Trustees, the awesome Jules Spector? Yes. We know — awesome! Check her out on Instagram for the latest updates.



Starting May 15, 2023, we’re pausing accepting new applications. We will post here when we re-open the floodgates! Please do not submit any applications until we announce we are accepting them. We will not review them.

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Team Awesome Without Borders