Grant #207

Water Safety Music Album

August 22, 2016

Water safety is no joke. Dive in with these informative songs.

Sunscreen? Check. Buckets & Pails? Check. Water & Snacks? Check. Whether heading to the beach, the lake or the local pool, water safety should be on your list of things to do or else be a fool!

Luckily, our friends at the Magical Music for Life Foundation are going to make that easy for you. With more than 16 years of experience writing music for children, Magical Music is creating a new album of songs that will teach water safety skills to your little one. With drowning ranked as the leading cause of death in children under the age of five, this album is a must-have.

Music and saving lives. We’re in!

The music is fun with catchy lyrics that reinforce the water safety tips. To top it off, all of their albums feature children from their local singing groups and are written to ensure the content is accessible to all including those with special needs! This AWB grant will help fund the production of a new album and make the tunes free for download and distribution. Keep an eye out for it during Water Safety Awareness month in May 2017.

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