GRANT #213:

#WhoTalks – GenderAvenger

Who talks — and who doesn’t — this election season?

With less than five weeks until Election Day, your head may be spinning with all of the talk (and mansplaining and manterrupting) clogging the cable networks. Thankfully, GenderAvenger launched an initiative called “Who Talks?” that takes the newsroom to task on biased election coverage.

Together with Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics and the Women’s Media Center, researchers looked at who appears on top-rated morning and evening cable shows and called attention to poor gender ratios in political commentary this election season. Here’s what they found: Women make up only 28 percent of the political analysts featured on all six of the evening and primetime cable news shows studied — and women of color account for a frighteningly low 4 percent of analysts.

We think this is a kickass project with important results, so Awesome Without Borders is helping them spread the word. But we need your help, too. Join us by calling out commentary that has a not-so-awesome gender ratio using the hashtag #WhoTalks. And, of course, follow Gender Avenger on Twitter and Facebook to help them spread the #WhoTalks message.