Grant #245

“Ask for Jane”

May 22, 2017

This film shares the back-alley story of the Janes.

Operating like a spy network, The Jane Collective was an underground group of feminists that helped women access abortion services between 1969 and 1973, a time when abortion was illegal. What began as a referral network scaled to a remarkably audacious operation. The Janes became legendary, and the film “Ask for Jane” will tell their back-alley story.

Award-winning filmmaker Rachel Carey and star actor Cait Johnston will be the dynamic duo behind this important film, but the real stars are the renegade Janes like Judith Arcana, an original member of the Jane Collective who will be contributing to the film.

The project is currently in early pre-production, but this grant will take them one step closer to filming this summer in New York. Keep an eye on the project’s progress via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We already have our popcorn popping we’re so excited!



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