Grant #431

Be-coming Tree Live Art Event

December 28, 2020

We’re Really Going Out On A Limb With Artists Around The World (And Their Trees)

Do you have a favorite tree? By which we mean, is there a tree in your life you spend time with? Some people commune with trees on the regular. In fact, many have made it an art form. That includes the dozens of artists in Be-coming Tree, an international Zoom event in which creatives from all over the world will commune with trees in their own ways. If not communing, they’ll perform. If not with a single tree, with an entire woodland.

Yes, dozens of artists and their chosen natural partners will display a diverse array of creative interpretations. They could be standing still, or dancing, climbing, meditating, performing a ritual, we can’t say until we see it!

Livestream viewers will be there right along with us watching the panoply of ecosystems. Artists interact with their trees, viewers interact with the artists. Go ahead! Engage them in a live chat!

This is the awesome idea of Jatun Risba (a Slovenian transmedia artist), Danielle Imara (a UK musician and live/video artist), and O.Pen Be (a UK live artist and movement therapist). They like to create inclusive, cooperative and sustainable ways to bring art to life in reciprocity with the environment, where their use of technology is in service to life and wellbeing. Tickets to the event include a donation to plant a rainforest tree.

It’s happening January 9, 2021 between 11am-1.30pm GMT and our grant will help pay the expenses connected with the live webinar and the high-quality video they plan to produce. Check it out here and wonder along with us: How does it feel to commune with a tree knowing others all over the world are doing the very same thing at that moment?

Category: Art, Community, Environment, Media, Nature



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