Grant #455

Greenz Stories

June 21, 2021

Say It Gre-NAY-Dah, not Gre-NAH-dah. What Else Don’t You Know About Grenada?

Laura Alston is a Caribbean American who decided to live and work in the island nation of Grenada, the country where her family is from. Dubbed the “Isle of Spice”, Grenada is full of white sand beaches, clear oceans, and swaying coconut trees. But Laura sees beyond the tourist-perfect setting and instead is focused on the island’s rich culture embodied in the community leaders, eccentric personalities, and the unique local stories and legends. “That’s what gives Grenada its character,” she says. “Knowing that there are so many experiences, destinations and ways of life that would rarely make the global public eye, I developed the idea of Greenz Stories, a film series highlighting the various untold narratives of Grenadians.”

Her idea is to do a deep dive (see what we did there) on various perspectives of daily life, from interviews with fishermen, farmers, service workers, dancers and the people who run things around the island. Laura hopes this series will add to the discussion of what the global Black experience looks like and serve as lasting testimony, to make sure these experiences are not buried.

This Awesome Without Borders grant will help fund promotion costs for the pilot episode.

Category: Community, Documentary, Media, Preservation



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