Grant #567

Bereavement Camp

January 8, 2024

Bringing Healing and Hope to Grieving Families

The women who run Camp Rainbow Foundation already had a rewarding but all-consuming job, providing free camping experiences to children diagnosed with or in treatment for cancer and blood-related diseases. Still, the team couldn’t help but notice a gap in their offerings. What could they do for families who’d already lost a loved one to disease? 

Together with their 450 volunteers, the organization’s staff are now planning to meet that need. Camp Rainbow is designing a new “camp”—a bereavement program for parents, families, and siblings who are grieving. It’ll start small, as a one-day event. But the women hope with enough support, it’ll grow into a whole weekend of programming with mental health staff and grief counselors on site. 

Our grant will allow Camp Rainbow to kickoff its fundraising efforts for this program and cover the cost for a rental space in which to hold an event. Matching donations and discounts will do the rest. In the new year, while so many look ahead, we know that millions of people are still mourning those who are not with us. We hope Camp Rainbow can help those grieving to gather, commemorate, and heal.

Category: Children, Community, Grief, Youth



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