Grant #36

Best of the Fests

October 21, 2013

Tammy Lynn Gilmore is a filmmaker and actor with Festivus for the Rest of Us on the brain.

After a ten-year stint working at Austin’s renowned SXSW, coupled with various engagements at other festivals worldwide, Tammy decided to share her deep love and appreciation for the festivarian culture with, well, the rest of us.

Calling on her movie making chops and storytelling skills, Tammy plans to use this AWB grant to launch an exciting new travelogue series.

Through the individual stories of an ensemble cast, featuring influencers and tastemakers specific to each event, Tammy will explore the most established and eclectic festivals in the world.

Cast members will be asked to share anecdotes, so that viewers are afforded an intimate look at the histories, obstacles, legends and missions — among other things — involved in creating a successful happening.

Follow Tammy on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about this upcoming project. Then head on over to our chapter’s page and apply to fund some awesome of your own!

Category: Film, Travel



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