Grant #35

Burn Survivor Conference

October 14, 2013

After the oh so awesome Dustin Wise sustained third degree burns from a cooking fire, he developed a passion for supporting other burn survivors.

First, he founded the Wise Foundation, an Oklahoma-based non-profit health organization dedicated to providing help, hope and healing to young adult survivors of burns and disfiguring scars. Soon after, he hosted a conference (and other retreats) that brought together survivors from across the nation. There they received the recovery and psychological support necessary after enduring a traumatizing event.

With this AWB grant, the Wise Foundation will hold its second annual conference. The empowering three-day weekend, revolving around self-acceptance and self-discovery, will employ breakout sessions, doctors, and burn community leaders from across the nation to assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of participants. The goal is to provide the attendees with a smoother transition from their teenage years to the adult years of their life, by developing coping skills, building self-esteem, and learning self-acceptance.

To learn more about this remarkable foundation, visit the Wise Foundation website, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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Category: Empowerment, Health, Philanthropy, Wellness, Youth



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