GRANT #128:

Future Doctors for South Sudan

Some heroes carry swords; THESE heroes prefer a stethoscope!

Who are the Future Doctors for South Sudan? A group on a mission to ensure the medical education and training of South Sudanese students. To increase the number of qualified doctors, and quality of local health care, the FDSS decided to work close to home, and the ball’s already rolling for the world’s newest nation!

FDSS sees a South Sudan where trained physicians provide the leadership needed to revitalize the country’s  healthcare from the inside out. It’s a reality they are well on their way to helping take shape: one where mothers and newborns both survive childbirth, and where diseases and injuries are effectively diagnosed and treated.

FDSS is currently sponsoring four medical students, and growing. A grant from their AWB pals will help support Malueth, a student in his second year of medical school. Tuition, food, room and board – small prices to pay to help preserve and protect the health of a whole nation!

Witness the amazing strides the group has already made by visiting them at the FDSS homepage, or on Facebook.