Grant #129

The Director List

February 16, 2015

This popular feed of female filmmakers is spreading its wings and soaring off to claim its very own website!

Destri Martino’s been at it nonstop like a hummingbird making a name for The Director List, a who’s who list of female directors in film. What began as a personal quest to find kindred spirits has blossomed into an online watering hole where filmmakers can share news and connect from all corners.

The Director List began as a Pinterest board that helped dispel the myth of female directors being more fantasy than reality. From there, a twitter feed was started that soon hosted a community of like-minded filmmakers, scholars, and advocates for women. When it comes to action, Destri’s ready with or without a camera!

So what’s next for the daring director? Providing an online base with the tools to help the industry recruit more women directors for projects, while continuing to expand its online community.

Take a look at all the awesome women in film by stopping by TDL’s website (coming soon!), Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts!

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