Grant #320

Know Your Rights

November 12, 2018

What Good Are Reproductive Rights If They’re A Secret? Awesome Volunteers Are Telling Polish Women About Their Options.

Sure, not everyone agrees that women should have to right to decide for themselves if and when they will bear children. (We hear The Handmaid’s Tale is popular.)

But most people would agree that women deserve to know the truth about their options.

That’s what brought together an informal group of activists and volunteers, including doctors, midwives, lawyers, journalists, and others, to fight for reproductive rights in Poland.

In a strongly repressive climate, these women (are you surprised that they’re women?) find ways to help Polish women access medical care that might include contraception, obstetric care, and abortion. (We’re reminded of AWB Grantee #245, Ask for Jane! And Harnisch Foundation grantee Vessel!) They’re also helping medical providers in Poland to understand what women need. And they continue to fight anti-choice propaganda.

That’s where our Awesome Without Borders grant comes in. The money will help to fund an online campaign to reach millions of Polish women who have been denied basic reproductive rights, including fertility treatments and proper maternity care.

They’ll use Facebook, Twitter and other media to tell Polish women about their rights and what options are available abroad and – welcome to the future – via telemedicine.

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