GRANT #204:

Bio-Classic Cleaning Woman’s Co-op

Women-owned. Women-led. This eco-friendly business is crushing it.

Meet Maria Arias, a 46-year-old Ecuadorian woman and mother of five children, who has been cleaning houses since she was 16 years old. After many years of injustices and mistreatment by hiring agencies and companies, Maria decided she would create something different: A workplace with basic labor protections and mutual respect.

She joined forces with other domestic workers to create an independent, worker-owned cooperative business called Bio Classic Cleaning. The woman-led workforce is trained in eco-friendly cleaning practices to ensure non-toxic living and work spaces—a win-win for both the staff and clients. However, their operation goes beyond providing humane and just work conditions; it offers financial independence for its woman-led workforce. These women are the workers and the owners, and the inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This grant will be used to provide professional and personal development for their workforce and buy equipment to sustain and expand their work.

Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp.