Grant #304

Chalkbeat Tennessee School Board Debate

July 23, 2018

Not A Movie Script (but it could be): Candidates vying for election to the School Board in Memphis face the toughest questions of the campaign at a debate (plot twist) moderated by students.

It’s happening for real! The debate is on, there will be two student moderators, and the questions will be coming from a group of students working with Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization reporting on public education.

Chalkbeat’s goal is to get everyone in the community interested in what’s happening in the public schools by reporting on what’s working, and blowing the whistle on what needs to change. The upcoming elections give the voters a chance to choose school board members who will do the best job at serving the students. And the student-led debate will give everyone a good look at the choices.

Maybe you’ve noticed Awesome Without Borders is keen on awarding grants to “Nothing About Us Without Us” projects because we think people should have a voice in what affects their lives directly.

School business affects students profoundly, so this AWB grant will help Chalkbeat pay for expenses connected with the student-led debate for school board candidates. We’re hoping for a real Hollywood ending: A full house, a lively debate, an engaged electorate, and the best School Board ever to be elected in Memphis. To learn more about Chalkbeat, visit their website, and follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE: The debate has happened! Check out the writeup here.



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