GRANT #210:


The untold stories of the women behind your mani-pedi.

Sure, getting manicures and pedicures are fun. You soak your hands and feet in a steamy bath, get your digits wrapped in a hot towel, and add a lil’ glitz and glam to your life.  But, there is more to that perfect polish.

The eye-opening two-part New York Times investigative report, “Unvarnished,” examined the exploitation of nail salon workers revealing shocking facts on pay, power, and (un)polished working conditions. The report put a big ‘ol smudge on the industry.

Inspired by these injustices and intrigued by the human story, Joey Ally embarked on CHIPPED — a deeply intimate portrait of nail salon workers. This uniquely female story will make you laugh, cry, and cringe — and better understand the personal inner lives of these women.  

Awesome Without Borders is doing its part to help transform the nail salon, among other film locations, into a movie set. Follow the progress of the film (and maybe some behind-the-scenes shots) via Director Joey Ally’s Facebook.