Grant #41

Community Canvases

November 25, 2013

Making Buffalo and Western New York a more connected city through public art projects and events.

Who would have thought that decorating light poles and garbage bins could unlock the solution to ending vandalism in Buffalo? Apparently, Jim Montour and Alex Cornwell.

Community Canvases “was founded on the idea that neighborhoods with a strong sense of place make people better connected, more involved and strengthen economic and community development. Using the established landscape and local artists, Community Canvases turns the geography of a neighborhood into works of art that properly display the cultural, historical and geographical aspects that make each community diverse and unique.”

With this grant, Community Canvases will pay homage to The African American Heritage Corridor. Home to many important icons of Buffalo’s history, including a Baptist Church that played a pivotal role in the Underground Railroad, the group will turn signal boxes, light poles, and other city infrastructure into works of art that will illustrate the respect and pride the community has for this corridor.

Learn more about Community Canvases on their website, Facebook page and Twitter channels.

Category: Art, Philanthropy



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