Grant #541

Easy Listening Music DJ for Elderly Care Facilities

July 10, 2023

You’re Never Too Old for a Little Disco!

If you were anywhere near the Pioneer Kaserne Military Base in Hanau, Germany, back in the 1970s, you’d remember Harry Albert, Jr. 

While he was in the service, he was also serving up tunes once a week as a disco DJ at a club for officers. The New Orleans native sometimes kept it going for five hours, knowing how much it lifted spirits. It cheered Harry up too. 

He remembers those days as a highlight of his life. 

Now 67, Harry is hoping to recapture some of that magic. This time around, he wants to spin for seniors living in elder care facilities. He’ll bring his digital catalogue along with a turntable and albums to offer an experience that Harry promises will be “old-school, authentic, and nostalgic.” 

This Awesome grant will help Harry get set up with speakers, turntable and amp, plus LED lights, a microphone, and, of course a mirrored disco ball!

Harry’s new audiences might include some fellow vets, and once again, he’ll feel good making them feel good.  Hear that? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of people getting their groove on!

Category: Civic Engagement, Community, Music



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