Grant #248

Equality Texas

June 12, 2017

Leading the charge for equality and visibility of LGBTQ Texans.

“Trans kids are kids, and all kids need to be protected from bullies whether they’re on the playground, at the Capitol, or in the courtroom.” We couldn’t agree more with Texan “mama bear” Amber Briggle who demands equality and visibility for her son Max — and the trans community at large.

Amber’s family, like many trans-inclusive Texan families, has been receiving support, training and education from Equality Texas, the leading lobby and advocacy group for the state’s LGBTQ community. This includes helping her and many others share their stories of struggle, unconditional love, and acceptance — and making sure that these heartfelt narratives are heard by the people who need to hear them most.

This week’s Awesome Without Borders grant will support the ongoing work of Equality Texas, an organization that is making an incredible difference in so many Texans’ lives including Amber and Max. Follow Equality Texas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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