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Free childcare for filmmakers – Park City

January 8, 2018

When we remake the world to be fair to everyone, childcare will be built into everything. Until then, Moms-in-Film to the rescue of every parent at Sundance.

We’re regulars at the Sundance Film Festival, where we are major champions of female filmmakers. Know what’s practically invisible at Sundance? Parenting. The festival scene is not conducive to schlepping one’s kids around town, especially Park City, Utah, in the middle of January. Brrr! It’s cold out there for a moviemaking mama (and papa). It’s hard enough trying to take care of business in the craziness of the festival without worrying about your little one (who is with you because you couldn’t afford the childcare at home).

Comforting and welcome as a hot cup of cocoa, Moms-In-Film (led by Belgian-born filmmaker Mathilde Gisele Dratwa) wants to offer professional, insured childcare AT NO CHARGE to any parent with a credit in a Sundance 2018 offering. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of those people whose name in the credits goes flying by so fast that even your mom misses it – if you’re in the credits, your child is eligible. Women have a tough enough time trying to make it in the film industry (maybe you’ve heard?). Reliable childcare can be the deciding factor that allows a female filmmaker to take a meeting, to do a scouting trip, to make her movie. We think it’s awesome to remind the Sundance crowd that filmmaking needs to be more family-friendly so people with families can make films.

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