Grant #275

Healing Justice Podcast

January 1, 2018

An audio-based activist survival kit for these troubled and traumatic times.

“May you live in interesting times” is said to be a curse, and for some social activists, these interesting times do indeed have a downside. Many people in the business of helping the disenfranchised end up with their own trauma and burnout, giving their energy and attention to others and neglecting their own well-being.

Kate Werning decided to create an activist survival kit in audio form. She and her team are sharing stories of resilience, hacks for self-care, and ways to create more support within organizations.

It’s just what exhausted activists are hungry for in this unprecedented time. (And let’s be real– most of those exhausted activists are people who aren’t cis hetero men.)

“The Healing Justice Podcast” is only a few weeks old and already listeners from around the world are eagerly tuning in to learn how others on the front lines are managing to stay sane and healthy.

Check out the ambitious lineup of planned episodes here and let out a big deep “Ahhhhhhh.” (They’re also on Instagram and Facebook.) UPDATE: Over 40 episodes have already been produced now! Subscribe and listen:



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