Grant #287

Girls Create Summer Camps

March 26, 2018

Oh, Athena Project, you had us at summer camps for girls featuring visual arts, playwriting, fashion design, and (our fave) improv. Then you added intersectionality!

We just loved the idea of creating special summer arts camp programming for girls who are deaf or hard of hearing. The “Girls Create” Summer Camps produced by Athena Project in Denver are designed to immerse 6th-10th grade girls in exciting creative experiences led by artistic professionals. This year they’re adding special programming led by Ruthie Jordan, a Deaf/HoH community activist and artist.

The Awesome Without Borders grant will pay for advertising to let the community know about this opportunity for hearing-impaired girls, and we’ll help subsidize their camp fees.

The people at Athena Project say they’re inviting girls who can hear well. The idea is for the girls to get to know each other and break down the barriers that can exist between people who hear and people who don’t.

We’ll admit it: we’d never heard of “audism” before we received this grant application. At first we thought it was a typo for “autism,” but no! “Audism” is when people who can hear think they’re superior to people without hearing, or that a life without hearing is an inferior life.

We applaud the multi-level awesomeness of bringing out the creative voice of young women, including people with different abilities, and giving all the campers new skills that will help them share their stories with the world. Check them out! And follow along with the Athena Project: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.



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Team Awesome Without Borders