Grant #361

Home for Mom: The Musical

August 23, 2019

Your Dad’s Dementia Makes YOU Feel Crazy? Write A Musical!

The author Neil Gaiman said, “When things get tough, this is what you should do: Make good art.” Things got tough for Eloise Coopersmith when her father got dementia. It seemed to happen overnight, and neither she nor her parents were prepared for what happened next because they simply never considered the possibility of illness or death. As the months wore on, the crisis became a condition. Eloise managed things from a distance, as so many adult children do when they live far from parents who need their help. It was hard, it was sad, it was lonely, it was kind of crazymaking.

After her father’s passing, Eloise realized that she’d never seen anything on television or at the movies that reflected the kind of experience she’d just been through. She was looking for something comforting, to offer validation for her complex feelings, a story she could relate to, but there was nothing. So she decided to sit down and write a musical that would speak to others who are feeling those feelings. “There are a lot of those people out there now,” she says.

“Home For Mom” came to life in six episodes with the help of crowdfunding supporters (take a look here). Now Eloise seeks funding for the next six. This Awesome Without Borders grant will help with equipment needed to keep shooting. Eloise thinks “Home For Mom” should be a feature film, and she hears from so many people she’s on the right track. They can’t help telling her their own stories, from their own perspectives as parents, children, caregivers. Eloise is 63 years old, a first-time filmmaker, and absolutely driven to share “Home For Mom” with the audience she knows is out there. Make Good Art, Eloise.

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