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Klima – Converging Coastlines

August 29, 2019

World Leaders Didn’t Come Up with This Practical Climate Strategy, Our Grantee Did. (World Leaders Welcome Though)

Honestly, this idea makes so much sense, it’s hard to believe the United Nations or the G7 or the geniuses at TED and Davos didn’t organize this years ago. If they had, Sophie Dulau wouldn’t be part of the founding team of Klima, working to create a world map called Converging Coastlines. The idea is to highlight the most innovative and successful coastal adaptation projects happening around the world, so everyone who’s facing the huge challenges of climate change can see what’s working.

The Klima team will be looking for design initiatives that succeed in different cities, and they’ll highlight a wide range of solutions as well as the emergence of new models. They value quality and originality, and they’re looking for best practices and creative approaches. They’ll present research and experimentation projects, as well as urban and landscape development projects using mainly natural ecosystem-based solutions or hybrid solutions.

Sophie is eager for partnerships with research centers, designers, NGOs around the world, and others who will contribute to the creation of a climate design community. Ultimately, the people of Klima would like to see inspired joint projects, more pooling of projects and experiences to enrich collective knowledge, the development of new projects, and to gain supporters for new approaches to coastal adaptation to climate change. This AWB grant will help with the important online collaborative system that will allow designers, decision makers, scientists, researchers and others to add their projects and knowledge. Here’s Sophie to explain it all in a video:

Klima is partial to natural, ecologically based green design of the landscape to create solutions and getting as many smart people as possible to work on creating more of them. Hey, maybe they ARE world leaders.

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