GRANT #327:

This Place Will Be Water

You’re Enjoying A Lovely Public Space When You See A Sticker: THIS PLACE WILL BE WATER. Uh Oh. Climate Change.

What will it take for you to take the threat of rising seas seriously? Jon Leland thinks you might do a double-take if you see a sticker that tells you the place where you’re standing is going to be permanently underwater if somebody doesn’t do something. He hopes that somebody is YOU.

To us, Jon’s idea is like the forehead-slapping simplicity of posting calorie counts on restaurant menus. When the facts are staring you in the face, you might be able to wake up from denial and make a different choice. Same deal. You watch the news with horrifying footage of raging floods happening somewhere else, and suddenly you see a sticker right where you are telling you that if nothing changes, “This Place Will Be Water.”

Jon wants people in Miami, Boston, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, and Houston to face the fact that their cities are at stake according to most scientists. He hopes people will be shocked into action when they see the places they love marked for future flood levels, and that they’ll mobilize political pressure for climate change. (We don’t have to agree on what’s causing it, we just have to stop it.)

This Awesome Without Borders grant will pay for the production of four sticker designs, along with recruitment efforts for volunteers to post the stickers. The problems are so far-reaching, so big, so hard to solve, that it almost seems silly to attack climate change with stickers. Except we have years of experience to prove that sometimes the littlest things can make a surprisingly big difference. Here’s hoping.

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