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Huichol Center for Cultural Survival

June 8, 2020

Do You Have A Quarantine Garden? These People Started Theirs Hundreds Of Years Ago

The Huichol say their ancestors lived in central Mexico thousands of years ago, for sure they’ve lived in the Sierra Madre Occidental region for at least five hundred years. Nobody’s bothered them for millennia, but modern times could kill off this ancient culture. They still strive to practice a highly spiritual way of life firmly rooted in their great respect and adoration of Mother Earth.

Today their way of life means what other cultures call poverty. Poverty is leading to a gradual breakdown of traditions and everything indigenous, from their language to their core belief systems.

The Huichol Center For Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts was created almost 30 years ago to counter the looming forces that were leading to extinction of all things Huichol.

Right now their eco-friendly techniques for creating self-sufficient organic farms are looking pretty smart while the rest of the world is scrambling for personal food security. As it turns out, traditional Huichol beliefs, permaculture and other low–cost practices in harmony with the land can help avoid food shortages.

Our AWB grant went out to help to buy hoses and seeds, garden tools, feed for farm animals, gasoline for garden trucks, and water pumps so the Huichol people could get their crops in the ground and secure their water sources. They wouldn’t have needed our help, because they’re usually self-supporting by the sale of native arts. Those income sources disappeared fast during the pandemic and they needed cash immediately.

When it’s the right time, other programs teaching the Huichol language, crafts, and proud history will resume.

For now, we are wishing them a good growing season and bountiful crops.

You, too, if you’re trying to garden.

It seems odd and fitting that the preservation of ancient culture invites support via 21st century internet patronage. Contribute here.


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