Grant #401

The Human Connections Living Room Project

June 1, 2020

How About Hanging Out In Someone Else’s Living Room For A Change? Yes, Please!

This is not the year of racking up travel mileage, but it’s still possible to see new places, learn new things, meet new people.

Mexico-based enterprise Human Connections used to make, you know, Human Connections. They fostered respectful, warm experiences between travelers and local Mexican artisans and entrepreneurs. Local people introduce their visitors to the cultural treasures that make the place special. It’s a source of income for creators, a source of knowledge for responsible tourists.

You can imagine how bad things got for the people who depended on that income.

Solution? The Human Connections Living Room Project, a live, online tour of homes and workshops of indigenous artisans who will tell their stories and show their work.

The hosts are trying to recreate the intimacy you’d experience if you were visiting in person. Each tour will only have between 6 — 8 paying guests so there can be meaningful cultural exchanges.

In the “don’t let a crisis go to waste” creative spirit, if these online tours are as good as everybody hopes, this can turn out to be a long-term blessing during the months of May through October when tourism is slow and income is less.

These online excursions will also have the added benefit of making travel accessible to a wide range of people who have been unable to travel for all the reasons: time, money, physical abilities, responsibilities for others, and now, not willing to venture out because of the virus.

This AWB grant will help with the pilot program’s costs for equipment. We think it’s a creative way to help artisans and entrepreneurs, and maybe it will give you an idea for helping people in your very interesting community.

Find out more here.

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