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September 21, 2020

Perambulate The Pathways To Pandemic Peace (Safely, Of Course)

Fresh air! So many public places are now open for safe, socially distanced gatherings, and nobody’s more excited to get back out there than The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association.

They’re finally able to present a long-planned art event on the Berkeley Public Pathway System called Intersections. The BPWA (with the help of PEAK86, a woman-run creative consultancy) commissioned five women artists to create site-specific installations reflecting their unique and diverse connections to the area. As visitors discover these ephemeral artworks, they too will have the chance to ponder their relationship to nature, to place, to belonging, and to relevant issues of our time through the creative works.

The Berkeley paths are points of cultural and architectural significance. They are part of a development built in the last century as a suburban enclave in the midst of a growing urban area. They are public right of ways, but not everyone knows they exist or feels welcome on them. That’s exactly what the Intersections experience is meant to do — offer a warm invitation to the community at large, in ever wider circles beyond the neighborhoods that the paths wind through.

It’s a thoughtful and creative way for people to come together (safely!), to experience the healing that comes from seeing ourselves as part of something bigger.

Although Intersections was originally designed to welcome multitudes, current conditions call for fewer human interactions. There will be some distanced guided walks, and a lot of content will move online. Check it out on the Intersections Instagram feed and their website.

Our Awesome Without Borders grant will help with some of the installation and logistical costs. We hope you’re able to get outdoors wherever you are.

Category: Art, Community, Culture, Environment, Gardens, Nature, Social Impact, Women



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