GRANT #422:

NYC Next

New York City Insists On Being New York City Despite Pandemic Because NEW YORKERS

An internet search for “New York City Is Dead” produces over 1,620,000,000 hits. But if you’re waiting for the funeral, New Yorkers say you can fuggedaboudit. Sure, the New York of legend has been shuttered for months –but everyone knows New Yorkers eat adversity for breakfast. They’re known for their indomitable spirit and toughness, their creative energy, the quirky neighborhoods, and the indescribable deliciousness of the city that never sleeps.

No surprise, New Yorkers wouldn’t stand for a city with nothing happening, and an ad hoc group of friends began to organize across all five boroughs. They were searching out neighborhoods of spectacular diversity, imagining safe and fun ways to figure out what was next.

That’s how NYCNext was born, creating what’s next in the arts, in local food, in appreciation of neighborhood heritage (and actual neighbors). They’re a bold, self-organized cadre of volunteers putting on properly socially distanced pop-up performances around the city, enlisting up-and-coming artists and a few well-known names.

They’re New Yorkers so they know there’s going to be red tape! That’s why they work with local governments and organizations to make sure their activities are legal and proper. Our Awesome Without Borders grant will help support the infrastructure that supports the organization. That includes website and technology upgrades.

It’s sad that pandemic restrictions are keeping so many of the world’s most talented performers from sharing their talents with the multitudes, and we certainly hope they’re able to grace the great stages again soon. At the same time, we give a huge standing O to every one of them who’s been pitching in and helping to remind New Yorkers what makes their city so very special. Find out more about NYCNext here.