Grant #421

Live Safari in Tiger Country

October 19, 2020

The Perfect Safari For Our Time: Safe, Convenient, and Free

Oh, the places you’ll go — when we’re going places, that is. Many people have “go on safari, see tigers” on their travel bucket list. But such trips are such a luxury, far beyond the reach of most, even when we’re not living like zoo animals ourselves.

As a safari tour operator, naturalist, and photojournalist, Shashank Birla knows all about it. He has spent a lifetime exploring and sharing the natural world, working to make the wonders accessible to all, with a heart for people who could never afford to take such a trip.

Shashank’s idea: make it possible for millions to (safely) go on a wild adventure in India.That’s the plan: India’s first ever LIVE tiger reserve safari experience, using YouTube and Facebook to bring everyone into the livestreamed wilderness. (Who knows, they might capture intimate moments of wildlife like this photographer.)

First, there’s got to be some equipment field-testing. When it’s ready to launch, we’ll be treated to a 15-day livestream where all of us can check out the glorious biodiversity. We’re hoping to see some of the animals and plant life Shashank has already captured on film during prior visits to the area.

Check out the flora and fauna.

This Awesome Without Borders grant will help pay for equipment rental and fees to the national park where the virtual safari will take place.

Who knows when people will be traveling for fun again? In the meantime, enjoy Shashank’s beautiful photographs and be careful on your big adventure safari outside to pick up tonight’s takeout.

Category: Animals, Community, Education, Social Impact



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