Grant #426

Buena Fortuna Gardens

November 23, 2020

They Seed, We Saw, It’s Growing On Us

Are you among the “quarantine gardeners” who cleaned out plant nurseries and seed catalogs faster than a plague of locusts this year? Us too. Starting salads from seed connects us to all of the people who came before us; growing our own food is an essentially human activity. We have great appreciation for the foresighted ones who carefully preserved the seeds of centuries past. And we appreciate the people maintaining seed banks today, like the Buena Fortuna Botanical Gardens, a living seed bank in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The gardens were started by botanist Gabriel Howearth (Seeds of Change) and Kitzia Kokopelmana, an Edible Landscape Designer and self-described Kitchen Alchemist. For over two decades, this botanical reserve has been home to about 3000 plant species from the tropical and dry tropical regions of the world. The collection prioritizes plants used for food, medicine, or utilitarian purposes. People come for tours, to study, and some even come for an organic brunch (kitchen alchemy!) at the gardens.

Our Awesome grant is dedicated to a bioconstruction project. They’re building a palapa (you’ve seen them, thatched roof, mostly open) where demonstrations and art can happen. By now the palm roof is finished, and we’re helping with construction materials like cement, rebar, chicken wire, gravel, and clay.

The process of building is a great opportunity for bioconstruction leader Victor Napenda to include local craftsmen and young people, building community while building a community facility. When it’s done, the structure will be multi-purpose, good for holding workshops, a demonstration site, and a fine place to display heirloom and art products.

Visit vicariously here and we wish you Buena Fortuna (good luck!) with your own garden.`


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