GRANT #101:

The Human in the Bird, opera buffa


Could this be our first step towards learning to speak bird?

Fa Ventilato is an artist who believes in the power of sound – in the form of music and art, specifically – to change lives for the better. To prove his point and drive the notion home, might take a little talking to the birds…

…literally! The Human in the Bird, Ventilato’s upcoming opera buffa, is more than an artistic statement. The 21st century’s first public sound library of talking birds is hatching into equal parts silly and sublime. The project homepage serves as a watering hole for bird owners and watchers to share recorded sounds for the collection, from anywhere on Earth.  

The Human in the Bird has the potential to spark dialogue, delight listeners, and strengthen the bond between man and bird, with nothing more than the sounds of everyday life from our avian neighbors. Ventilato plans to use his AWB grant to secure additional web support, and cover expenses towards audio equipment, contributors, and travel. 

Everyone knows a little bird that has something to tell…. Visit Fa’s website, spread the word, and learn a little bit more about the awesome lives of birds!