Grant #100

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls

July 28, 2014

Two moms on a mission to give girls a new way to play.

Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin noticed that outside of princesses and dolls, there was a drought of decent toy figures for girls to play with. With all the superheros available in stores, most of the female figurines were designed, shockingly enough, with adult men in mind. (Creepy, right?) Well, the toy game may never be the same, now that these two moms are unleashing IAmElemental on the market!

Their line of 4-inch non-sexualized figures embodies seven elements of courage: bravery, persistence, honesty, industry, energy, enthusiasm, and fear. This all-female fighting force features a healthier chest-waist-hip ratio than anything currently for sale. Tailor-made for the next epic save-the-world story, IAmElemental encourages excitement and creativity in children.

Dawn and Julie’s posables encourage girls to reinvent the superhero myth by creating their own stories. They’re challenging the notion that girls won’t play with strong action figures. And based on the response their kickstarter campaign has already generated, it sure seems like they’re not alone! With an AWB grant in hand, the dynamic duo will be able to add extra web and PR support to spread the word.

We’ve already seen what Batman, Superman, and the X-Men can do; what about bad ass women? Support IAmElemental! Visit their homepage, watch them on Youtube, or connect on Twitter and Facebook. Imagine a different way to play, with a new heroine to save the day.

Category: Children, Empowerment, Girls, Youth



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