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Hyphenated America

September 27, 2021

Hyping The Hyphenated, These Americans Are Embracing Their Whole Identities

Sophia Houdaigui and Maria Castillo roundly reject the rejection of the hyphen by those who insist that people are “just plain Americans.” Sophia (Moroccan-American) and Maria (Mexican-American) claim their entire definition of self, recognizing what’s unique about their national identities.

They are the daughters of immigrants and they know: being unfamiliar with the details of immigration law can have undesirable outcomes. When they looked for reliable information to guide them, they couldn’t find a source that was clear and simple and comprehensive, addressing the issues they and their families think about.

What if deportation is a possibility for a loved one? What if the family was separated? Who can help with a legal question?

To combat this lack of knowledge, Maria and Sophia created Hyphenated America. They offer a compendium of resources for young people seeking answers about how to navigate the complex, confusing, ever-present immigration system.

Their website is warm and welcoming.

The visitor is a click away from accessible guides, the newsletter, and a podcast. Sophia and Maria seek out the most useful information in their interviews with journalists, politicians, actors, advocates, and scholars.

Launching this ambitious outreach required a big outlay for basics like subscriptions, web hosting, and podcasting equipment, and this Awesome Without Borders grant will go toward those expenses.

In unfamiliar territory, it’s a relief to find a friendly guide who can tell you where you are and where the roads lead. Hyphenates, meet Hyphenated America, perhaps the friend you need in this strange land.

  • Hyphenated America co-founders
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