Grant #78

The Indigo Theatre Project

February 28, 2014

Who says you can’t play and make the world a better place? Theatrical play, that is — and with the star-studded shows of The Indigo Theatre Project, Rachel Sussman is doing just that.

Rachel founded The Indigo Theatre Project in 2012 with colleague Nick Gereffi. It all started when they realized the number of amazing productions they’d never seen live. They decided to stage some of them personally, but with an extra incentive to do it big. Partnered with each performance is a non-profit organization in some way related to the author, main theme, or subject matter of the material. In 2013, their sold-out reading of Craig Lucas’ “Reckless” raised money and awareness for Safe Horizon. Other organizations have included Donor Direct Action, and TDF Open Doors.

So what does 2014 have in store? No less than live benefit readings of “The First Wives Club”, and “In the Wake”. Based on the huge reception and thousands of dollars ITP has already generated, Rachel and Nick have been all but forced to scale up on performance space. Naturally, those high-capacity venues cost money to rent, and then there’s marketing and actor’s expenses. Fortunately, the AWB grant will cover the overheads, so they can focus on the cause.

Discover more about how ITP is using the arts to spark change by visiting their homepage, or keep yourself in the loop on upcoming events with Twitter and Facebook.

Category: Comedy, Performance, Social Impact, Theater



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