GRANT #84:


Jafflechutes lets their food free fall, with an awesome delivery service worthy of Willy Wonka!

Have you ever found yourself hungry and hoping for something yummy to just land in your lap? If so, Adam Grant’s Jafflechutes is on target and bringing the goods! What’s a “jafflechute”, you ask? Why, a toasted sandwich delivered via parachute, of course.

This is how it works: first, someone orders a jaffle and sets a delivery time online. Next, they travel to a pre-determined location, and wait near the ‘X’. Finally, they catch their jaffle as it floats down from the sky! Each jaffle is made deliciously unique, for an unforgettably entertaining food experience. Want to see this in action? Watch this!

Currently, Jafflechutes delivery service is an enviable exclusive of Melbourne, Australia. But not for long! Adam is setting his sights on North America to host future Jafflechutes events. And, with the help of an AWB grant, he’ll be able to do just that.

Drop by and visit Adam’s Jafflechutes on Twitter and Facebook, and spread the word: Americans and Canadians are next in line to try airborne food.