GRANT #83:

Frame by Frame

Using film to introduce the world to building a free press, through Afghanistan's hardworking journalists.

Imagine if taking pictures was a crime; how many of us might be guilty? The scenario seems unreal, but that’s what life was like for the people of Afghanistan under the Taliban government. The end of this oppressive regime, meant a beginning of freedoms and opportunities, for local press and media.

The upcoming film “Frame by Frame”, is an up-close and personal glimpse inside the lives and struggles of several Afghans, as they present one of the country’s newest professions: photojournalism. Visual journalist Mo Scarpelli, and fellow filmmaker Alexandria Bombach, are collaborating behind the camera. Together, they’re capturing the trials and triumphs of these brave photographers, as they build their nation’s news media, from the ground up.

“Frame by Frame” paints an authentic picture of life in today’s Afghanistan, while also providing a rare look inside the makings of a free press. The documentary is almost complete, barring some unedited material recorded in the local Dari dialect. The AWB grant will be used to translate the remaining footage and put the finishing touches on the feature-length project. From there: film festivals, and international distribution!

To learn more or show support for this important piece of cinema, you can visit Mo’s Frame by FrameTwitter, or Facebook page.