Grant #82

Ka Pa Hula Na Pua o Kamali’i

March 24, 2014

From Hawaii to Houston, hula’s in demand. You don’t have to live on a remote island to appreciate Hawaii’s history, and the Ka Pa Hula School is proving it, by moving it!

Ka Pa, aka Houston Hula, is a Hawaiian cultural school and resource center that focuses on ancient hula and cultural traditions. Their mission: to preserve historical Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, by promoting national awareness. Their primary method of achieving this, is through the universal appeal of dance.

A year ago, Ka Pa entered Ho’ike Hawai’i, a major hula competition in Orlando. With fire under their feet, the troupe placed an amazing 1st or 2nd in nearly every category! From dancing to chanting, the school put on a fabulous show, and plan to outdo themselves in the next competition. Between grueling practice sessions and costume designing, Houston’s finest are organizing a variety of fundraisers. Staying at the top of their game does require more material for costumes, and knee drums. With the AWB grant, each dancer will be able to complete their wardrobe, and take the next series of events by storm.

You can watch Houston hula in action on Facebook, with video footage from last year’s competition.

Category: Culture, Dance, Performance, Preservation



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