Grant #515

Move She Does

December 26, 2022

Women Are Hitting the Road. A Transporting Multimedia Project Is Telling Their Stories

Fearless women on the road have to deal with more than just traffic jams. Women and girls who blaze trails are often navigating around other obstacles, including prejudices and traditions, prohibitive laws, and the threat of violence.

Trui Hanoulle has negotiated all that and more, having made a life and career out of seeing the world. She has lived in Armenia, crossed Iran more than once, and traveled overland through Eurasia on her motorbike. She is the founder of Move She Does—a global project that invites women and girls to tell their stories of driving trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, bicycles, ships and more, and share them with an international audience. These women use specific vehicles to challenge gender stereotypes and gain independence, self-confidence, and strength.

Move She Does is a multimedia project that will consist of portraits, interviews, audio recordings and short videos to capture the incredible experiences of pioneering women and girls around the world. Our grant will help Trui build a website, print promotional materials, and source additional photo equipment to bring Move She Does to life. Her hope is that when it’s completed (and an eventual book is published), the stories will inspire others to follow suit. Let’s get this show on the road! 

Category: Empowerment, Social Impact, Travel, Women



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