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WomanFest Ghana

March 15, 2021

This Creative Curator Casts A Wide Net In Ghana To Collect and Share Stories New and Old

Though she’s no stranger to media attention, Sylvia Arthur prefers that the spotlight shine on the stories and the storytellers of Africa, on the Library of Africa and The African Diaspora (and the six other libraries she’s created/curated), and now, on the WomanFest Ghana Festival.

“Stories are the bedrock of our beliefs,” says Sylvia. Her vision for the one-day WomanFest Ghana event is designed to explore and challenge the narratives around women and girls in Ghana today. There will be feature film screenings, discussions, panels, workshops, games, creative play, music and other engaging activities to get women talking about the stories they hear and tell about women.

Girls and women of all ages, many from marginalized communities, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, will have a chance to see how they might use their own creativity to tell their own stories.

Perhaps they’ll become more aware of the stories that are told about women in newspapers, movies, song lyrics, and fiction. And maybe they’ll continue these conversations long after WomanFest Ghana is over.

Our Awesome grant will help with the costs of production – there are many, as you can imagine.

WomanFest Ghana will take place in Accra, at the Library of Africa and The African Diaspora. Oh, did we mention? That library started with her own collection that she generously decided to share.  Meet Sylvia here.

It is said that each of us contains a library within, the knowledge that is uniquely ours. The Library That Is Sylvia still seeks the stories people are telling today, stories that will be in the libraries of tomorrow.

She’s awesome in our book.

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