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Project SEASON Women

March 2, 2020

The Theater Establishment Is Sexist & Stubborn? These Women Show ‘Em What They’re Missing

Even if you can find Cyprus on a map, you’d have a hard time finding anything resembling equal representation in the state Theater, according to theater professionals Magdalena Zira, Athina Kasiou, and Nedie Antoniades.

When it comes to their country’s theatrical offerings, these women were disappointed with the lack of inclusion and diversity in the stories that were chosen, in hiring practices, and a lack of zeal for remedying the situation.

So they started Project SEASON Women 2019-2021 to present theatrical performances and other events that center women’s stories, examining their social status, and asking the big questions about the people whose stories are being told and the subject matter of those stories.

Nedie, an actress, says she and her colleagues are inspired by artists and institutions around the world daring to influence structures and challenge hierarchies, re-examining the policy of festivals, museums and theatres, creating work containing different archetypes and role models, or by consciously choosing a different lens through which to interpret stories that have defined our collective cultural identity.

We couldn’t agree more that the stories we tell define the world we live in. This project includes new writing by women, adaptations of classics by female artists, interdisciplinary collaborations and discussions, and the collection of untold women’s stories in order to create new work.

This AWB award will help with “A Room of Her Own,” a Virginia Woolf-inspired series of events in which each different “room” features women of various generations and disciplines who share their personal experiences on a pre-determined theme. This grant will cover space rental, online advertising, and printing costs.

Here’s their website, honestly, it’s Greek to us (and to you too)!

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