Grant #235

Coyote Institute

March 13, 2017

Preserving the Native American tradition of storytelling circles and the cultural stories that carry lessons across generational lines.

From music and dance to poems and mythical legends, Native American storytelling is as diverse as the demographic itself. Unfortunately, the distinct groups face ongoing everyday struggles including the prominence of cultural alienation and the traditional cultural stories that carry lessons across generational lines are being lost.

This trend is no different for Maine’s Wabanaki community — a local Native American population comprised of five tribes: the Penobscot, the Upper and Lower Passamaqoudy, the Micmac, and the Maliseet. While small enclaves exist to celebrate and honor these native cultures, they aren’t always inclusive of all indigenous nations. Our latest grantee, the Coyote Institute, hopes to break those barriers by creating a community that transcends tribal identities and elevates their cultural richness through the unique Native American communication tradition of storytelling circles.

Awesome Without Borders grant will support the monthly storytelling circles as participants connect the past and the future, and have space to celebrate their history, culture, and beliefs.

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Credit: The painting featured is by Lisa Kennedy.



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