Grant #236

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

March 20, 2017

Step aside Mr. Miyagi & The Karate Kid. This is a different kind of “mentoring movie.”

When you think of mentors in pop culture, what comes to mind? Perhaps, Professor Dumbledore & Harry Potter or Mr. Miyagi & The Karate Kid. Despite how important a mentor’s role is in relation to an individual’s personal journey, the depiction in media seems limited, especially for women. Not awesome. It’s all the more reason to give a boost (and fist bump) to the stories of renegade women who offer inspiration and wisdom to the next generation of rising stars!

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct is a new documentary series about film directors (who happen to be women). From major award winners to film students, the filmmakers share creative, cultural, and professional obstacles that they’ve overcome on their pathways to success all while inspiring and informing the viewer. The series celebrates these rockstar filmmakers and serves as a “mentoring movie” for any person with dreams of being a visual storyteller.

Watch the trailer here and get excited about the near-complete full-length version! With the support of this Awesome Without Borders grant, the filmmakers will be able to make their final edits and cover outstanding licensing needs. Woohoo!

For more info visit their website, join the conversation on Facebook or chat with the director Cady McClain on Twitter.



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