Grant #237

Still I Rise

March 27, 2017

These survivors are breaking the silence on sex trafficking in the U.S. And this documentary is amplifying their stories.

Sex trafficking is a serious problem in America (and globally). While it impacts all genders, women and girls, particularly communities of color, are disproportionately impacted by this persistent practice.

But if we know anything, it’s that these communities are strong and resilient. Survivors are breaking the silence, leading the anti-trafficking movement, and advocating for better legislation, education, and services for survivors.

The new documentary film, Still I Rise, is capturing the momentum, giving additional visibility to the issue through survivor stories, all while sparking critical dialogue about resilience and redemption. The film team includes four-time Academy Award winner Mark Berger, Emmy Award-winning producer Layda Negrete, editors James Grisom & Maureen Gosling, and UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Nikki Jones, but the real stars are the survivors featured in the film. We can tell you about it, but this documentary will take you inside the story. Here is a sneak peek of the film.

The film is near completion and Awesome Without Borders is going to provide a financial boost to get it closer to the finish line.

Connect with the survivor-led movement on facebook, and definitely stay tuned for the feature length documentary!



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