Grant #238

A Purrrfect Reunion

April 3, 2017

This is the against-all-odds story of reuniting a refugee family from Syria with their cats.

Cats: They rule the Internet (Hello, LOLCats!) and they rule a lot of households, too. There are many people for whom cats provide companionship that is essential to their emotional well-being, maybe even offer a reason for living. We heard about a group of awesome, caring individuals who went on an international rescue mission to reunite their new neighbors (who happen to be Syrian refugees) with the beloved family pets who had to be left behind. We think it’s especially awesome that in the middle of all the red tape, rules and regulations that govern every aspect of a refugee’s life, that a group of friends (people just like you) asked for an Awesome Without Borders grant because they wanted their new neighbors to feel more at home. Those individuals aren’t nameless “refugees,” it’s a family with children who wept inconsolably because they missed their cats. They will know now, for sure, that they are among new friends who found an against-all-odds way to dry their tears (except for the happy ones). That’s awesome, right? We thought so. That’s why we’re tickled that our latest grant helped make it happen.



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Team Awesome Without Borders