Grant #239

“Miss Sue” Statue

April 10, 2017

Considering all of the history-making women, it’s wayyy too hard to find statues of them.

Sad but true: The contributions of women have been overlooked for far too long. From murals and sculptures to memorials and statues, public art is a common way for recognizing one’s accomplishments, yet it tends to always depict men.

The bronzed femme figures are missing from around your town and many others, and it’s time that more people know about the countless history-making women including Sue Shelton White. “Miss Sue” was a Tennessean attorney and a feminist leader behind securing the right to vote for women and shepherding the Social Security Act, an act to ensure income for the unemployed and retirees. And those are just a couple of highlights from her long list of accomplishments. Next month Wanda Stanfill’s sculpture of “Miss Sue” will be placed in Jackson, Tennessee’s City Hall Plaza thanks to the many contributors of the Sue Shelton White Memorial Fund, including Awesome Without Borders. Finishing touches on the sculpture are underway and the upcoming unveiling will no doubt be moving. Follow the progress here on Facebook.



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